Mail Services

Mail Service

Not convenient to pick up mail during business hours? Call us at 340-776-6922 to schedule pick up.

If you are visiting or relocating to St. John and need mail service, we offer an address for you to ship to. Just visiting? Send that extra stuff ahead of time.  Call to provide your information. Relocating? We should talk, give us a call or email – there is so much to know!

Anyone wishing to utilize our mail service address must call our office first for registration information. Postal and Homeland Security requirements are necessary. All patrons must comply. For visitors please see the following shipping information.

For persons looking to relocate more paperwork is involved. Specifically, two forms of picture ID and a short form published by the USPS will need to be registered with us as your mail agent.

Mail to the US Virgin Islands is currently funneled through Puerto Rico once it leaves the mainland.

Our official mailing address via USPS is as follows:

ST JOHN VI 00831-0037

It is important to note the address has to be all CAPS, no punctuation except for the hyphen in the zip code. Scanning machines in Puerto Rico scan it best this way. We recommend you send your mail Priority Mail to the Virgin Islands.

If you are ordering and the company won’t accept
a PO Box,
try the following address:
BOX 37
ST JOHN VI 00830-0037

Please Note: This is an on-going issue with the Post Office that we are working to resolve.
This method of address may change in the future as the USPS is trying to remedy the physical address problem.  Stay tuned.


We are now accepting outgoing packages for shipping. Priority Flat Rate Boxes are the best.  Simply drop off your box and fill out the form.  Your form will be returned to you with shipment date and tracking number.  You can pay by cash, check or Venmo (@St-John Connections).