Business Services

Business Services

Business services including typing, scanning and copying, printers for self service, notary and other assorted services are available for reasonable prices. We keep master copies of many day to day forms necessary for car or boat sales, power of attorney, etc.

We now have a notary!!  You can stop by during  business hours or call to make an appointment with Trista.

We are now able to handle all of your shipping needs, both business and personal, quickly and efficiently. Please bring your package and we will ship and provide you the tracking.

We are developing ways to promote local businesses. Have an idea? Want to showcase your business on a Friday afternoon? Let’s talk — 340-776-6922.

Need to register your car online but don’t have what it takes? Let us help. Bring current driver’s license, insurance and registration, as well as a credit or debit card, and we will do it for you for $50.

Looking for a place to hold a meeting in the evening? Our new office layout will allow for this. Please inquire.

Looking to rent office space long term??  Please give us a call or stop by.