Big news to celebrate!

New owner of Connections East

“24 years after the creation of Connections East & the Skinny Legs Bar & Grill complex in Coral Bay, there is big news to celebrate & share! Jennifer Robinson, Director/Volunteer of St. John’s KATS (Kids And The Sea) program; the longest-employed Lime Inn employee (25 years!); St John artist;much loved community-minded person is now the new owner of Connections East!

Cid Hamling, Mary Pat Brown & Jennifer Robinson are committed to continuing the sisters-ship of services to our customers.It is such an amazing perfect fit!”
Cid Hamling

“Call me crazy, call me brave, call me blessed, but call me @Connections East, my new venture — small business ownership! Been in the works for several months, made the final decision last Friday and my first payment! It’s a mail/office/retail service center to put it simply. Watch for my art work to make it’s way in there too!”
Jennifer Robinson

Artwork by Jennifer Robinson